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We’ve never met a dog we didn’t love, and Mr. Belvedere is no exception. He is one of the starring mutts in To Fetch a Villain . He stopped by the blog today to chat with us about what he does when he's not chasing killers. Tell us your name, breed, and which story you appear in. My name is Mr. Belvedere, and I’m a one-hundred-and-forty-pound Great Dane. My mom Darby Moore and I share our killer adventure in the story “Ruff Day.” Give us four words that describe you and your personality. Cuddly. Gentle. Helpful. Hungry. Always hungry. What is your job in the story? I help out mom at our dog store, Ruff Day Doggie Boutique, greeting customers and carrying items to the counter for them when they are ready to check out. She say’s I’m her best employee, and I work for kibble. (A lot of kibble, to be sure, but she still thinks I’m a bargain.) Tell us about your favorite thing to do. Sit on mom’s lap while she pets me. But between you and me, she could do with a bigger lap. I don’t


Trey and Kim are two very smart and supportive Bichon Frise who steal the spotlight in Maria Hudgins’ story included our latest mutt mysteries anthology, To Fetch a Villain. They stopped by for a quick interview today.     Tell us about yourselves and your story.  Hi! I am Trey Chastain and I’m a Bichon Frise. This is my best friend, Kim, and she’s a Bichon, too. We both star in the story “At Your Service.” Give us four words that describe you and your personality. I’m Trey and I’ll go first. Four words? Only four? Okay. I am Smart. I am dependable. I am loyal. I am a born leader.       I’m Kim and I am not surprised that Trey had to go first. My four words would be: Determined, stubborn, pretty, and observant.   What is your job in the story? Kim’s former owner, an evil man named Claude Raper, kept her imprisoned in a puppy mill until she escaped. He’s following her and trying to kidnap her back. Our job is to be very observant and help our mom, Jessica, get Raper put in jail