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 The reviews are in! It's official. 

The Mutt Mysteries offer a Doggone Good Read!

(These are only the summaries. For full detailed reviews click here.)

“Every book is better with animal characters. They make the humans more human and always give the reader someone to cheer for.”
Blogger/book reviewer at Laura’s Interests

“These are fast entertaining reads with great characters and engaging mysteries. This is a quick read and a good time.”
Blogger/book reviewer at I Read What You Write 

“Like dogs? …and mysteries? Then, To Fetch a Killer, in the Mutt Mysteries series is for you.”
~Debra Goldstein
Author of the Sarah Blair Mysteries

“You can easily read these novellas in a day, or read one a day if you’re short on time!
~Christie Maurer
Blogger/book reviewer  at Christie’s Cozy Corners

“Each pup is different, but each of these is a different breed, and you will fall in love with them.”
~Maureen’s Musings

“As a dog lover, I definitely enjoyed these ‘tails.’”
~Cassidy Salem,
Blogger/book reviewer at Cassidy’s Bookshelves

“Don't ask me to choose to a favorite! I loved them all!”
~My Reading Journeys

“A delightful collection of short, cozy mysteries with relatable and personable protagonists."
~Dawn Brotherton,
Author of Eastover Treasures and the Jackie Austin Mysteries

“A perfect beach or anywhere read. Dive in to this one!”
~Eleanor Jones
Author of Midnight Mysteries

“Each story has loving, protective, and mischievous canines hot on the trail of catching murderers with their owner’s and companions."
~Sheryl Jordan
Author of Manipulation, Money and Murder
And contributing author to Coastal Crimes, Mysteries by the Sea

“…mysteries and dogs are on the marquee. Add believable amateur sleuths, puzzling deaths, unlikely or too-likely suspects, and the hope for resolution and justice, and these four novellas deliver.”
~Rosemary Shomaker
Contributing author to To Fetch a Thief and To Fetch a Scoundrel
And other mystery anthologies


“These stories are the perfect antidote to our troubled times of viruses, masks, and social distancing. You need to read this book."
~Mike Owens  
Author of Bernie & Bertie (Serial Killers Need Love, Too)

"A quick and enjoyable read! To Fetch a Villain is a must-have for anyone, especially dog-lovers, who enjoys cozy mysteries."
~M. Rigg
Contributing author to Mardi Gras Mysteries

"While the human characters are well developed and imaginative, it is the 'mutts’ that steal the stories and honestly who would want it any other way."
~I Read What You Write blogger

“This series gets better and better!”
~5-Star Amazon review

"The dogs in these four novellas are not the sappy people-talking variety, but regular lovable pets who help their owners out of some dicey situations."
~5-Star Amazon review

"Dogs and murder make an interesting combination. These gals also make it exciting."
~5-Star Amazon review

“The main characters are all well & good but it’s the DOGS that steal the show. The authors each give their respective canine costars such delightful personalities, and I loved meeting them."
~4-Star Amazon review


“From tiny terriers to lumbering Rottweilers, man's best friend can also be crime's worst enemy. In To Catch a Scoundrel, four pooch-loving mystery writers tell "tails" of savvy canines and their loyal owners solving murders with keen noses and sharp wits."
~Maria Hudgins
Author of the Dotsy Lamb travel Mysteries

“These four tales of intrigue are filled with unexpected twists and delightful dogs who help solve the mysteries and capture the culprits. From the Rottweiler Director of Security, Oliver, to Yorkshires Cagney and Lacey, who prove even tiny terriers can tangle the plans of any evil-doer, you’ll love these mysteries.” 
~Cherie O’Boyle
Author of the Estela Nogales Mysteries
and Working Dog suspense stories

“Dog lovers rejoice! To Fetch a Scoundrel is a charming collection of ‘tails’ by four talented mystery writers.”
~Maggie King
Author of the Hazel Rose Book Group Mysteries

“Dogs always save the day in this delightful canine novella anthology.”
~Linda Johnson
Author of mysteries and psychological suspense

“Couldn't stop reading this collection of fabulous felonious stories!”
~Marilyn Levinson aka Allison Brook
Author of The Haunted Library series


“If you like mysteries and mutts, then To Fetch a Thief will have you sitting up and begging for more! Full of lovable canines, these four(legged) stories are the best kinds of doggie treats!
~Alan Orloff
Derringer- and Agatha Award-nominated author

Easy Read! Dog gone loved it!
~Gwen Taylor
Dog foster For the Love of Poodles Rescue

“Canines, corpses and clues: A cohesive collection of four compelling mystery novellas where everything—and nothing—is exactly as it seems. A paws-itive delight, and a must-read for dog lovers everywhere.”
~Judy Penz Sheluk
Bestselling author of the Glass Dolphin
and Marketville mystery series

“Four delightful mysteries with cuddly canines and their intrepid owners. Solving a murder is a piece of cake when your partner has a dog's nose. A great read!”
~Maria Hudgins
Author of the Dotsy Lamb Travel Mysteries

“Exceptionally engaging! Each story is funny, smart, page-turning entertainment. A must-read for mystery lovers.”
~Samantha McGraw
Tea Cottage Mysteries

“A fair warning. At the end of this book, you may find yourself thinking that the world needs more dogs!”
~Patrick Clark
Author of The Monroe Decision

“Great mysteries that will keep your tail wagging. Even my cat gave To Fetch a Thief four paws up!”
~D.J. Lutz
Winnie Kepler Culinary Mystery Series

“Dogs, dead bodies, and four talented mystery writers at the top of their game. Sound like fun? You bet!”
~Mike Owens,
Author of Screwed, and other stories


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