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Sneak Peak: "AT YOUR SERVICE" by Maria Hudgins

I am stone deaf and live alone in a large house, but I never worry about break-ins because Trey handles that sort of thing for me. He could raise the roof with his barking, and it wouldn’t bother me because, as I said, I’m stone deaf. He could scare the bejeebers out of anyone who dared to enter without his approval, and, problem solved, pad happily up to me and explain what had happened. He can explain without words. Trey is a sweet, three-year-old bichon, the small white fluffs of the dog world, and a highly trained service dog who takes his job seriously. I named him Trey because he’s the third fluff I have owned and loved. Another dog, also a bichon, lives with us. I call her Kim because she reminds me of the young hero of Rudyard Kipling’s book—small, white, and desperately poor. More on her later. It started on an ordinary day when I was up in my third-floor observation deck. BTW, I am a mystery writer, and I publish under my real name of Jessica Chastain. Friends call me Jessie

Sneak Peak: "RUFF DAY" by Jayne Ormerod

I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but today was the day that would make or break me. As the sole proprietor of Ruff Day Doggie Boutique, I’d planned a huge marketing event. And if my big event didn’t go off as hoped/anticipated/prayed for, I’d be back slinging hash on the five-a.m. shift at Breakfast at Stephanie’s. Let me tell you, I am not a morning person. And Mr. Belvedere, my one hundred and forty-five-pound Great Dane, is not a morning dog. Life had been so much better since I’d become my own boss. Well, maybe not better financially, but in every other way. All the MBAs out there would shake their heads when they heard I’d blown an entire year’s marketing budget on a single event. Not a good business move, I know. I’d told myself that a thousand times. All the MBAs out there would shake their heads when they heard I’d blown an entire year’s marketing budget on a single event. Not a good business move, I know. I’d told myself that a thousand times. “Darby Agnes Moore!”

Sneak Peak: "STRUT YOUR MUTT" by Heather Weidner

H undreds of dogs covered almost every inch of outdoor space at the Stony Point Fashion Park. Delanie Fitzgerald waded through a sea of dogs and humans to the large stage in the plaza area. She looked around for her partner, Duncan Reynolds. Not seeing anyone who resembled the computer geek who was the other half of the Falcon Investigations team, she stood on a low stone wall for a better view. “Hey, there you are.” She hopped down and turned to face Duncan and his sidekick, Margaret, a brown and white English bulldog. In the office, Margaret had two speeds, slow and napping. Today, she seemed more interested in all the other dogs. “I’m glad you could come to support us,” he said. “Of course. You and Margaret are like family.” Delanie scanned the crowd of people, many in elaborate costumes that matched their dogs. Delanie’s favorites were the superheroes and their sidekicks. “We’ve got to get ready. Right after the Strut Your Mutt fashion show, Pickles will be signing autograp

Sneak Peak: "A SHOT IN THE BARK" by Teresa Inge

C att Ramsey grabbed a bag of dog treats from the Woof-Pack Dog Walker’s supply closet. She spun around and came face-to-face with Beau Whitaker. “Oh-mi-god!” She grabbed her chest. “You scared the holy crap out of me.” Beau, a handyman she had recently hired to fix things around her business, was a handsome, stockily built man with a large measure of southern charm. He smiled . “Sorry, darling. Didn’t mean to startle you.” “It’s okay. What’s up?” Catt’s Yorkshire terriers Cagney and Lacey stood behind Beau, growling. Catt released a heavy breath and closed the door. “Hush.” She waved her hand toward the dogs and turned her focus to Beau. “This.” Beau held up a green rope that usually held the key to the storage shed. They kept it hanging on a hook by the shed for easy access. “Where’s the key?” Catt asked. Beau shrugged. “Dunno.” Catt scooted around him in the narrow hallway and walked to her desk. She set the treats down. Cagney and Lacey followed, their noses sniffing


It's such an exciting day in a writer's life when a book launches. And today is the day for To Fetch a Villain, Four Fun "Tails" of Miscreants and Murder.   You can read about the stories by clicking here , or read more about the contributing authors by clicking here . Or buy your copy of the book by clicking here . Over the next few days we'll post excerpts from the four novellas included in the anthology, so check back. In the meantime, grab a noise maker, a few balloons, and maybe some cake and help us celebrate!