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First thing I did when my 2021 calendar arrived was to draw a big red circle around February 7th. It’s game day! The big one! No, not the Super Bowl, but the Puppy Bowl. The big match up between Team Fluff and Team Ruff.

The premise is nothing more than hours of watching puppies play in an enclosed area painted to look like a football field. Pups play with stuffed footballs, and score points when the ball is carried over the goal line. Talk about cuteness overload!

Here is the official roster of pups for the 2021 game: Oh, be still my mutt-loving heart! I can’t choose which team to root for! My method for choosing a Super Bowl team is easy…I go for uniform colors. But when it comes to the Puppy Bowl, I base my allegiance on cuteness. So for that reason alone, I will be rooting for Team Fluff, more specifically, Chunky Monkey, a Chow Chow/Irish Red and White Setter mix. Okay, okay, uniform color figured into my choice, too. I am more a blue girl than an orange girl.  

The best part of this event is the puppies will be up for adoption, over 70 of them this year, which is something we here at Mutt Mysteries heartily endorse.

The Puppy Bowl, like it’s big brother The Super Bowl, is considered another food-centric American “holiday.” A quick scroll through Pinterest offered up some super cute (and super simple) ideas for Puppy Bowl offerings:

Phew, between the sweet puppies and the sweeter treats, I am on a sugar overload. I fully expect to be in a sugar coma by Sunday afternoon.

Be sure and tune in (or record) the 2021 Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, Sunday, February 7, 2 p.m. (pre-game starts at 1.) 

Before then, start practicing your cheer: "Go, dogs, go!"  


  1. Love the Puppy Bowl and Jayne Ormerod’s stories in the Mutt Mysteries series!

    1. Thanks Teresa Inge! Love your stories too! Looking forward to the next one!


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