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IT'S ALL ABOUT OUR DOGS Interview with Jayne

Tell us about the furry members of your family. We currently have two pound puppies. Tiller is a tawny beast (was supposed to be 30 pounds . . . he’s currently over 48 and according to the vet is about to hit a 2nd growth spurt!) and Scout is a rusty-coated little rascal. Only four months old. I don’t think (hope!) he’s going to be over 25 pounds.
How did your dog(s) pick you to be his/her/their fur-ever mom? Tiller was an emergency re-home situation. It was love at first sight. He was only eight weeks old and a friendly, wriggly puppy. Scout was in a pack of Puerto Rican street dogs that had just shown up at the Hope for Life shelter. I happened to be dropping off some donations. Six of the puppies jumped at the gate and competed for my attention. Scout hung back a little and looked timid and scared. That strategy worked and stole my heart. (For the record, he is anything BUT timid and scared! He's a feisty little thing!)
What is your dog’s favorite toy? The current love is Himalayan…

"DIGGIN' UP DIRT" by Heather Weidner

     Amy Reynolds set the box of canned goods on the kitchen counter. She caught her breath and stared through the doorway into their empty dining room. Hundreds of boxes still needed unpacking. She brushed away loose strands of her auburn hair that had escaped from her ponytail. A dog barked in the distance, and her small Jack Russell terrier, Darby, raced through the downstairs and stood with her paws on the windowsill to survey her new territory and see what she was missing. Amy gently tapped on the window, sending Darby off to check the view from the living room. Something looked odd to Amy under the window. Leaning over, she ran her hand across the painted baseboard. One end jutted out too far from the wall. She sighed. Another thing in this house that would need to be fixed. Amy pushed the baseboard back in place, and the wood shifted. She tugged at the corner, and it separated easily from the wall. Flipping it over in her hand, she noticed there were no nails or tacks. Darby must…

IT'S ALL ABOUT OUR DOGS Interview with Heather

Tell us about the furry members of your family. I have a pair of Jack Russell Terriers from the same litter. The dynamic duo includes Disney, the brunette, and her brother Riley who looks a lot like Petey from the “Our Gang Comedies.” They are high energy, inquisitive little dogs. And they keep us on our toes.
How did your dog pick you to be his fur-ever mom? We had two older dogs who passed within three months of each other. Our house was so lonely without them. We went looking one day at puppies. My husband picked up Disney, and I picked up Riley. We couldn’t decide, so both of them joined our family. They are sister and brother from the same litter.
What is your dog’s favorite toy? These two are obsessed with sock monkey toys. We have about ten of them around the house. They are JRTs, so everything is a game to them.
Is the dog in your story in To Fetch a Thief based at all on your dog? It is. It’s based on my little female JRT. She’s a bundle of energy, a great companion, and she always …