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ME AND MY PET by Maria Hudgins

Maria Hudgins is the newest addition to the Mutt Mysteries pack. An accomplished author and pet lover, she is a tremendous asset to our lineup. Her story "At Your Service" will warm your heart. But first, let's learn a little more about Maria and her cat Lulu. 
Tell us about the furry members of your family?   My current fluff is Lulu. She's a 14-year-old snowshoe cat. (Think: Grumpy Cat with a sweet expression) Lulu is a rescue. She was living with a family who had to give her up because they had a child with behavior problems. Lulu has pretty blue eyes and she purrs very loudly. She's afraid of dogs.     What do you do to you spoil your pets?  I give Lulu "Brushing Bites" as treats. Since they are theoretically good for her teeth, I give four of them to her whenever she asks. She asks by sitting in front of my chair and staring at me. She jumps on my bed in the morning and sits on my chest. I let her do this.What treat will your pet practically knock yo…
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Old dogs and new tricks abound in To Fetch a Villain, the third installment in the Mutt Mysteries series. This collection of four novellas illustrates why dogs are our best friends and the perfect companions for digging up clues, solving crimes, and bringing villains to justice. Let sleeping dogs lie? Not when the MUTTS are on the case!RUFF DAY by Jayne OrmerodStore owner Darby Moore suffers through a “ruff” day when a dead body is discovered in her custom dog house. With her best friend topping the suspect’s list, Darby knows the police are barking up the wrong tree. It’s up to Darby’s Great Dane Mr. Belvedere to channel his inner Scooby-Doo and save the day.AT YOUR SERVICE by Maria HudginsMystery writer Jessica Chastain is deaf, and relies on her service dog Trey who acts as Jessica’s ears. Kim, a Bichon like Trey, is the latest addition to their family. But life is not a walk in the park when someone threatens all they hold dear. Together they take on an unethical breeder and dog-n…


On sale November 3, 2020


..And so do we! May we be aware we are shifting just like the wind.
It's a new season here at Mutt Mysteries central.Rosemary Shomaker is stepping away from the team of contributing authors. We thank Rosemary for her above-and-beyond efforts on To Fetch a Thief  and To Fetch a Scoundrel. New things on the horizon for the talented writer, and we wish her all the best.The Mutt Mysteries authors would like to welcome Maria Hudgins to the pack! Her novella will appear in this fall's To Fetch a Villain. Welcome, Maria! You can read more about Maria and her many cozy accomplishments at www.mariahudgins.comRest assured that the remaining Mutt Mystery authors are still on the case: Teresa Inge, Jayne Ormerod and Heather Weidner. Watch for the release of the third Mutt Mystery soon! 


<<I know it's not nice to tease a faithful reader, but I couldn't resist. Full reveal coming SOON! I promise!>>>


TO FETCH A VILLAIN, FOUR FUN "TAILS" OF MISCREANTS AND MURDER is well on its way to becoming a full-fledged book! Soon!  Like before the winter holidays! We are so excited! Hope you are, too!


The Rest of the World Could Learn a lot  From a Day in Elementary School

Rosie: Hello, Richard. You and your wife Kathy have traveled the road from your roles as rural Virginia parents to that of parents of two professional baseball athletes. Your older son Justin plans to continue his MLB career once we reach our “new normal” in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Your first book, Rocks Across the Pond (2012), is a beautiful, grand book. I say grand because it is large, like a coffee table book. The subtitle says it all: “Lessons Learned. Stories Told.” Dogs seem to be part of those lessons. The Mutt Mysteries authors learned you were authors and dog lovers. You’ve met other RVA writers on your trips to talk to children at schools. It’s through one such author that I connected with you, and we are grateful that you and Kathy wrote the foreword to the newest Mutt Mysteries book, To Fetch a Scoundrel. Your first book gave readers a look at your lives. Your second book, The Shelter Gang a…