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The Rest of the World Could Learn a lot  From a Day in Elementary School

Rosie: Hello, Richard. You and your wife Kathy have traveled the road from your roles as rural Virginia parents to that of parents of two professional baseball athletes. Your older son Justin plans to continue his MLB career once we reach our “new normal” in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Your first book, Rocks Across the Pond (2012), is a beautiful, grand book. I say grand because it is large, like a coffee table book. The subtitle says it all: “Lessons Learned. Stories Told.” Dogs seem to be part of those lessons. The Mutt Mysteries authors learned you were authors and dog lovers. You’ve met other RVA writers on your trips to talk to children at schools. It’s through one such author that I connected with you, and we are grateful that you and Kathy wrote the foreword to the newest Mutt Mysteries book, To Fetch a Scoundrel. Your first book gave readers a look at your lives. Your second book, The Shelter Gang a…
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Join us for a LIFE Facebook PAW-TY to celebrate National Pet Day. Meet the Mutt Mystery Authors, and maybe win a prize!  BYOM (Bring Your Own Mutt!)

MUTT TALK: Meet Top Dog Cloud from "Ruff Goodbye" by Rosemary Shomaker

Woof! Ruff. Woof, woof. Rumble—brrr. Howl, sing, ruff. Hello, Mutt Mysteries readers; I’ll translate my dog-speak to English so you understand me. I’m Cloud, the loyal and brave miniature poodle in “Ruff Goodbye." I’m light gray and fluffy; no “show cuts” for me! My human, Curtis Powell, promised me I’d never have to sport a Continental Clip, Lamb Clip, Lion Cut, Cupcake Cut, or any of those varied, yet typical, poodle dog salon special “hairdos.” Nope, the dog show circuit was not for us. Don’t get me wrong, those canines work very hard, and well, they look fantastic. That’s just not for us. I look more like the second image I’ve sent with this interview.
My favorite human, Curt, has died of cancer as “Ruff Goodbye” unfolds, and you get to meet me and other characters as the community mourns his death. My next favorite humans are Curt’s stepdaughter Julie and his wife Sharon. Curt’s friends know me, and in the story my barking alerts them to problems. I defend Sharon when this lo…

CHIT CHAT with Cassidy Green, Star of "The Fast and the Furriest" by Heather Weidner

Hi, I’m Cassidy Green, and I’m the owner of the Amelia Speedway in Virginia. I run the racetrack with my Uncle Henry, and Oliver, my Rottweiler and director of security.
Where is your favorite place to visit? Oliver and I love to travel to the beach. We love Sandbridge in Virginia Beach and anywhere in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
What do you do for fun? We work at a racetrack, so every weekend is fun. When it’s not racing season, we like to read, watch movies, and try new recipes.
What makes you laugh? Oliver, my director of security, makes me laugh. When he’s in the office, he is all business, Mr. Guard Dog. But in real life, he’s a big pussycat.
What’s something you do when no one is watching? I like to dance and sing in the living room. I’m a terrible singer, so it’s a good thing that no one is watching. Oliver doesn’t mind my singing.
Are you married? No. I’m single.
What’s your most significant human-to-human relationship? My Uncle Henry, my dad’s brother, is my closest living r…

MUTT TALK: Meet Top Dog Natti from "Paws-itively Scandalous" by Jayne Ormerod

We had a chance to sit and interview the star of star of “Paws-itively Scandalous.” We didn’t get to chat long, though, because this big guy doesn't sit still for long!
Tell us your name, breed, and which story you appear in. My name is Natti, named by my first person who was in a fraternity. His beverage of choice was the inexpensive Natural Light beer, also known as Natti Light. It was a term of affection, I know… I’d hoped when he left me in his mother’s care, I would get a new name. Something strong, like King or Brutus. Weighing in at 120+ pounds, I’m a mutt through and through. My new person, Pilar Pruitt, says I’m a “black Labrador mixed with something big.” We chase killers in the story “Paws-itively Scandalous” by Jayne Ormerod. It’s fun!
Give us four words that describe you and your personality. Big, loyal, food-motivated and snuggly.
What is your job in the story? I take my person to the dog park every day so she can talk to neighbors and pick up on clues. I also have a p…

CHIT CHAT with Catt Ramsey, Star of "A Doggone Scandal" by Teresa Inge

My  name is Catt Ramsey and I live in Virginia Beach with my Yorkshire Terriers, Cagney and Lacey. I am the owner of the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers. My dogs and I always seem to be in the wrong place at the right time when dead bodies turn up.  Together, we sniff out the bad guys to solve crimes. Our latest adventures are detailed in “A Doggone Scandal” by Teresa Inge in the 2nd Mutt Mystery, To Fetch a Scoundrel, Four Fun “Tails” of Scandal and Murder.
What makes you laugh? Animals.
Are you married? No.
What’s your most significant human-to-human relationship? My sister Emma, who is a dog walker at my business the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers, and my saving grace.
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Both. With dogs, I am an extrovert. At home, I tend to be an introvert.
What’s something you do when no one is watching? I help others whenever possible and give to animal causes. About your canine sidekick, how long has s/he been with you?  Cagney and Lacey are Yorkshire Terriers. They have been with…

MUTT TALK: Meet Top Dogs Cagney and Lacey from "A Doggone Scandal" by Teresa Inge

Two cutie-patooties steal the show in  "A Doggone Scandal" by Teresa Inge. Read on to learn more about these little dogs who have big crime-solving hearts!
Tell us your name, breed, and which story you appear in. Our names are Cagney and Lacey and we are Yorkshire Terriers. We appear in "A Doggone Scandal."
Give us four words that describe you and your personality.  Friendly. Team. Snoopers. Loyal.  
What is your job in the story? We help our mom Catt Ramsey solve crimes and get the bad guy. Sometimes we even bite him! 
Tell us about your favorite thing to do. Hang out at the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers with our mom and go for walks.
What do you always help your human with? We play with other dogs who are boarded at our house.
What is your favorite food/snack? We love treats and some human food!
What is something you won’t touch with a ten-foot pole? Cats. They don't like us. 
Where is your special place for napping? In our mom's office at the Woof-Pack Dog Walkers.
What …